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Here's how it works

Cookt transforms static recipes into easy-to-follow guides that help you cook. Highlighting ingredients, quantities and timers, Cookt can help you make recipes up to 40% faster! 

Cookt runs from the browser directly to your device, so there's nothing to download - you just jump straight in.

We launch summer 2018, but you can try a demo recipe on our cooking widget now!

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Hi, I'm Ross...

...a recipe hacking ninja and founder of Cookt, and I believe people should be able to cook whatever they want without the fear of failure. 

I absolutely love cooking and trying new recipes, though like most people I find the actual task of recipe navigation frustrating. Too often I struggle to keep track, mess up my timings, and stress myself out - and to think I used to be a chef! So I decided enough was enough, and set out to improve the way we cook recipes. Combining my cooking, design and problem solving skills I created Cookt - the ultimate recipe hack to help people cook easier, faster and better.

I hope you enjoy using Cookt as much as I did making it.

Happy testers

Lucinda M

“Thanks Cookt. Your curry took no time at all make. It's definitely given me the confidence to cook more”

Rosie B

“So amazing. It literally felt like someone was physically helping me cook. Can't wait for the full release!"

Joel F

“Wow, so I’m rarely impressed, but this really works! Looking forward to using it for all the recipes I find”

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Our full launch is coming soon, allowing you to use Cookt's recipe wizard on ANY recipe and much more.
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